Window cleaner in Kensington Court W8

Window cleaning in W8Kensington Court W8 was the destination for today’s window cleaning call-out request.

Spick & Span window cleaners were contracted to come to Kensington to do a post-builders window clean on on behalf of a building company who had recently completed their work in the street.
The building company had promised residents that after the completion of their work they would arrange for all the windows to be cleaned, this they did and in keeping with their agreement, they contacted local Kensington window cleaners.

Spick & Span used window cleaning used tools and techniques that were up to the task. The challenge of the work was that the window were very dirty and needed very deep cleaning. Also the windows were very difficult to reach. Rather than use scaffolding which was initially suggested, Spick & Span window cleaners used 60 ft telescopic poles to reach the 4th storey windows. Bristle window cleaning brushes were also used as these has sufficient scrubbing power. Pure water was jetted through micro-bore hose, to the brush head, via carbon telescopic poles and the window panes were scrubbed and then rinsed, leaving the windows clear and translucent afterwards.

The windows were left noticeably cleaner and the residents were very grateful to at last have clean windows.

The job took approximately 3 hours to complete.