Shop window cleaning in Knightsbridge

Window Cleaning Scotch Corner Knightsbridge Spick & Span window cleaners travelled down to Knightsbridge, SW1X  to clean some shop windows as a part of a contract to help renovate an iconic building on Scotch Corner, Brompton Road, Knightsbridge. This contract may well become a repeat job in the future, but initially was undertaken as part of Spick & Span’s one-off Knightsbridge window cleaning services.

Spick & Span window cleaners were needed here in Knightsbridge to carry out work urgently because the client had a very tight time frame in which to undertake works at the property and so with just a few day’s notice the work was started.

Work began very early on the day, at around 5am ,before the street was full of pedestrians, this made the window cleaning easier as it limited the number of hazards.

Window Cleaning Shop in KnightsbridgeThe windows of this the very tall iconic shopfront, which in the past was the store for Burberry’s,  were in a dusty and dismal  condition, due to building works on the opposite side of the road, and the smog and exhaust  fumes that flow out of the vehicles that travel down this very busy part of South Kensington. Because of the shops close proximity to the road, great care had to be given to safety whilst window cleaning here so as to prevent danger to pedestrians and motorists.
Special hi-vis hose was used and cones were used so as to comply with health and safety.

The client required that all ten of the windows to be thoroughly cleaned. The window cleaning also included  the cleaning of the frames.

The reason that Spick & Span window cleaners were contracted for this cleaning work was because the contractor had to fit out the shop windows with vinyl advertising, therefore the client wanted to ensure that all the shop windows were cleaned first.

Spick & Span window cleaners were more than happy to carry out this task as part of the Knightsbridge window cleaner service they offer and the results of the cleaning made a huge difference to shop’s appearance.

In all the work took around 5 hours for 2 window cleaners to complete. Water-fed pole cleaning techniques were used for the window cleaning in most areas, however some of the regular height windows were used with an applicator pad and squeegee and a specialised window cleaning solution.

Spick & Span offer window cleaning in Knightsbridge, Kensington and surrounding areas and would be delighted to brighten up your work space, or dwelling.