Window Cleaner in SE13

Today Spick & Span window cleaners went down to Lewisham SE13 to clean the windows of a stunning Victorian period property which stretched over three floors.


This very spectacular and rather imposing approximately 8 bedroom Victorian property set on a leafy street in Lewisham SE13 had recently been converted into 4 flats by the owner. The villa  boasted some attractive original period features, including stunning bay windows, stucco detailing,  and original wooden framed sash windows.

Focal Point

As the windows are one of the main focal points of any home it is vital that windows be thoroughly cleaned if the house is to present well. However because the windows of the property had not been cleaned in at least 7 years much of the properties original appeal had been restricted, this was due in part to the dirt. This  had the effect of inhibiting the view from inside, and  detracting from the splendor of this period property from outside. Spick & Span window cleaners were more than happy to rise to this challenge and offer their services in SE13. The owner of the property employed Spick & Span’s Lewisham window cleaning service to bring back to new the windows of the property, unlocking the full potential of this exquisite home. Spick & Span window cleaners were able to employ the reach pole system of window cleaning in SE13, a method of cleaning that is sympathetic enough to treat period glass, but at the same time has the power to brush dirt away from the the windows. The purified water that is used in this system of cleaning attracts dirt and after cleaning  leaves the window panes completely streak free.

Natural Light

After the window cleaner completed the work in SE13 , it was immediately noticeable the difference that cleaning the windows had made, natural light once again flooded into the property, revealing the properties charm and making it light and airy. The visual effects were immediately beheld by all. So noticeable were the effects of the window cleaning, and so impressed was the owner with Spick & Span’s  SE13 window cleaning services, that the owner requested a regular window cleaning contract.