Why the variance in window cleaning prices?

Window cleaners prices vary greatly depending on a number of factors, as some may have noticed.But in many cases you get exactly what you pay for.

If you are happy to pay the lowest rates then don’t be too surprised if the end results of the clean leave you wondering why you hadn’t attempted to do the work yourself.

Sloppy workmanship, including the use of dirty rags and water, and an altogether un-professional approach to window cleaning  are ‘the order of the day’ for all who seek simply to pay the lowest rates for window cleaning services.

Such an attitude really is to ‘shoot oneself in the foot’. Why? because, Just as there is a difference between standards of food quality in supermarkets, according to where you shop, there is also a huge  variety of standards, that you should be aware of when it comes to domestic window  cleaning, and choosing a window cleaner.

If you drive down a window cleaner in his price or seek to find a window cleaner who charges the lowest prices in Se22, SE23, and SE24, then be mindful that the way that they approach the work will often be in a negative frame of mind, and this will effect their eventual output.

Might it not be better to use window cleaners in SE22,SE23,SE24 who charge very reasonable rates and prices that are not too high or too low,but who charge the going rate, the average.

Recently Spick and Span window cleaners gave a quote to clean a four storey Neo-Georgian townhouse in Camberwell. The glass of the  house was to be cleaned inside and out as was the conservatory , the price quoted was £100. Later we were informed that within the same week a team of three window cleaners had knocked on the door of the same home in SE5 and provided a quote to clean windows for £50, quite a variance in price.

The householder, thought it over,and concluded that he would accept Spick and Span’s quote, although more. The reason given was that he felt that the price of the competitors was simply too little for the work that would have been  involved, He quite astutely,decided to go with his head .Needless to say he was very satisfied with the clean that  Spick and Span did for him, and he has become a regular customer.

The benefits of using professional window cleaners

Many who look for window cleaners fail to recognise that there are; ‘window cleaners’ and there are ‘professional window cleaners’ , it is important not to confuse the two. A ‘window cleaner’ can potentially be anyone, he or she could be a DIY enthusiast or a person that has a little spare time on their hands or someone who is need of a little spending money, he or she,in less common instances, may have the best of intentions, but because of a lack of experience or the correct equipment, will not be able to deliver the high standard of cleaning that your property deserves. On the other hand ‘professional window cleaners’ who may charge a little more, because of the overheads that they incur, such as tax, insurance,storage costs,and water rates,  the purchasing of professional window cleaning tools ,which when used properly, transform the entire feel of you home, and add to it’s overall beauty.

Professional window cleaners invest in training, are members of trade associations which keep them upto date of all the latest developments and news within the cleaning industry are fully vetted, helping you to feel more secure ,and to have peace of mind when they wonder around your home. Professional window cleaners also have websites, and commnicate effectively, making the window cleaning process one that is stree free.

Parking and travel times

Other factors that affect window cleaning charges are things like parking costs,and  the congestion charges, these considerations should be factored in by your window cleaner when he provides you with a quote.(You may be able to reduce the cost by providing a visitor’s parking permit).Also how quickly he can arrive at your property, and how quickly he can arrive at other jobs after he has finished with you.(You may be able to reduce the cost by arranging with neighbours nearby to have your windows cleaned the same time).

Glass types

The types of glass that you have within your property also makes a difference to how much a window cleaner charges. For instance some types of glass is notoriously time consuming to clean, such as Georgian glass(wooden beams that separate panes), Crittall glass( steel metal framed) or leaded glass (glass with leaded metal strips). Also if you are having the windows of your house cleaned internally, then windows with nicotine stains of thick grease or grime may take longer to clean as they require more vigorous effort and polishing, as will windows that have not been cleaned for over a year.

Make a wise decision

Many window cleaners pack up business after a short period of time because being unable to sustain themselves. Why not select a professional window cleaner who, may cahrge a little more, but one whom you can to know overtime and can rely on to  provide your home with this service

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