Have you ever booked a window cleaner to come by and clean your windows and when the day finally arrived for him to come by, the forecast was rain all day? if so, did you feel like cancelling? Well here are some reasons to think again:

  1. Many window cleaners offer indoor window cleaning , which enables the cleaning of internal windows during heavier spells of rain.
  2. A great number of window cleaners today, use the purified water method of window cleaning, which can even be used to good effect in heavy rain.
  3. Light rain, contrary to common opinion, does not make windows dirty, but rather it is dust and other pollutants.
  4. Windows that are cleaned while it is raining will always look better than windows that have not been cleaned at all.

Today Spick and Span window cleaners went to Camberwell SE5 and cleaned a three bedroom Victorian terrace. Upon arriving the heavens darkened and rain began to pierce the sky. Despite the shower ,Spick and Span window cleaners continued with the work at the request of the Landlord of the property, who was preparing the home to receive some new tenant. First of all, the windows were cleaned at the front of the property, There were two bay windows and  a single sash window which were cleaned with a n abrasive window cleaning pad and squeegee, despite the rain that had fallen the results of the clean were very satisfactory.Moving round to the back of the home, there was a set of french doors three sash windows and a casement window in the bathroom which were cleaned. One of the sash windows had some thick grease on which was scraped off.After all the windows were washed on the outside Spick and Span windows cleaners repeated the cleaning process in all the rooms on the inside of the house taking care not to splash water on the carpets. After an inspection of the work on it’s completion it was noted despite the shower windows all looked very clean.

The rain continued to persist throughout the day, nevertheless another booking was confirmed close by in SE15, a property similar the the first although this time the request was that it be cleaned just on the exterior. the reason given for the cleaning was that the property was to be viewed by an estate agent. The front bay window had some water marks which were removed by limescale remover before being washed and rinsed.

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