Window cleaning without making a mess

If you have requested a domestic window cleaner to come and carry out window cleaning services for you internally, then the last thing that you want is a window cleaner to make more mess than before he had started, by splashing water from a bucket on your carpet or walls.That is why it is often best to find a recommended window cleaner, one that you can trust.Spick and Span are recommended window cleaners in  East Dulwich and other areas, where you can read genuine comments of others,  regarding the consideration that is shown around the clients home, in local community forums.

Spick and Span are professional window cleaners who, when in the course of carrying  out internal or external window washing,do so with great care.This they do, by carrying buckets and other hand tools that have the capacity of leaking water, with care through your home.

The water that we use when window cleaning a home is regularly changed, so as to prevent dirt build up, which if coming in contact with window frames or panels or walls within the home can leave muddy streaks.

Spick and Span window cleaners have the practice of placing any buckets that they use within the home on cardboard or waterproof sheets, which prevent soiled buckets from leaving marks on flooring.

To prevent the traipsing of mud through the property when cleaning internal glass, Spick and Span wear either plastic shoe covers or remove footwear altogether.

When cleaning the window panes Spick and Span window cleaners first of all rinse the mop that they use to release excess water, using just the amount required and at the same time prevent water draining down the window onto the surface below, by placing a hand mop which soaks up water after the squeegee is applied.

So clean and effective are our domestic window cleaning work practices that we often clean the  offices and studies of our clients homes without the need to remove papers and documents, which if ever got wet would result in obvious problems.

Any wood chippings or flakes of paint that are loosened through cleaning are also vacuumed, with the householders permission.

When cleaning external windows of the property care is taken in and around flower beds, so as to prevent the destruction of flowers and plants when window cleaning outside the home.

It is always the aim of Spick and Span window cleaners to treat the home-owners property and surroundings with the respect deserved and to ensure that all window cleaning services performed are done without making a mess.