Window Cleaner in Holland Park W14


Today Spick & Span window cleaners went down to Holland Park to clean the windows within a 6 bedroom terraced house , located approximately 50m from Holland Park, in W14. The house in Illchester Place is located between Kensington High Street and Holland Park Avenue.

[gmap] illchester Place, Holland Park, London, W14 8AA[/gmap]

Eye for Detail

Because the owners of this property in Holland had carried out extensive refurbishment of the whole house and had installed many glass walls, and floor-ceiling glass panels as well as a very large glass kitchen extension, it required that Spick & Span, as a specialist window cleaning company,use dust sheets throughout the cleaning process.

Rising To the Challenges

Each window cleaning job  has its own complexities whether it be in W14 or another area of within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and window cleaning the windows of this property in Holland Park also presented challenges, however with the many years of window cleaning experience that Spick & Span have gained; challenges can always ussually be met as in this instance.

The house staff of this property were cleaning the home from top-to-bottom in preparation their bosses, the homeowners arrival, and so Spick & Span window cleaners needed to work within the time frame and parameter of the cleaning staff, who had struggled to clean the internal glass to a good enough standard.

Spick & Span window cleaners  took  great care around the property in Holland Park  which housed numerous, and very expensive and delicate antiques, whilst window cleaning.

The main difficulty for Spick & Span’s  window cleaner  in Holland Park  on this occassion was that many of the internal glass walls were very high and difficult to access from within the property. This was particulary true of the glass partition in the swimming pool in basement of the property.

Another thing that made this job quite labour intensive was that that special internal glass telescopic pole were required to clean the windows rather than ladders, so as to avoid damaging valuable artwork and wall decorations.

Welcomed Recognition

The end results of this window cleaning in Holland Park were visibly noticeable, and much appreciated by the housekeeper.